Wicca University

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10 Week Classes:
Magical Herbalism
Ritual Writing
Magical Gardening
Celtic Druidry
Greek Gods & Goddesses Pantheon II, III
Roman Gods & Goddesses Pantheon II, III
Celtic Gods & Goddesses Pantheon II, III
Calming & Stress Release 

We are constantly adding new classes. If there is a class you'd like to see here and it is not listed; please contact us and let us know...
Brightest Blessings and Educational Bliss

13 Week Classes:
Introduction-Beginning Wicca
Gods & Goddesses I, II, III
Spellcasting I, II
Adv. Spellcasting
Wiccan Holidays
Spirit Recognition
Ghost & Spirit Hunting 101  
Ghost & Spirit Extraction & Exorcism 

6 Week Classes:
Celtic Principles
Greek Gods & Goddesses Pantheon I
Roman Gods & Goddesses Pantheon I
Celtic Gods & Goddesses Pantheon I
Travel Aromatherapy
Blending Scents

8 Week Classes:
Animal Totems
Spells & Jinxes
Energy Use and Development
Psychic Development
Wicca for Children
At Home Health Remedies 
Lotions, Gels, and Salts 
Basic Aromatherapy  
Aromatherapy for Health
Ghost & Spirit Photography 

We strive to meet your goals.