Wicca University
Training Levels & Intitiations

In the world of witchcraft and the magical arts there are levels of attainment so that one can progress from novice to priesthood...
we offer these attainment levels taking our students from novices (beginners) to priesthood. Each level has required courses that need to be taken in order to advance. Please see below the requirements for each level.

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Level I: Novice
Intro to Wicca-Beginning Wicca 13 wks
Gods & Goddesses I
Spellcasting I
Wiccan/Pagan Holidays
Level II: Adept
Advanced Wicca
Gods & Goddesses II
Spellcasting II
Magical Herbalism
Level III: Student Teacher
Advanced Spellcasting
Ritual Writing
Spells & Jinxes
Magical Gardening
Level IV: Teacher
Energy use & Development
Psychic Development
Animal Totems
Gods & Goddesses III
Spiritual Counseling
Level V: Junior Priesthood
Roman Gods & Goddesses
Celtic Gods & Goddesses
Greek Gods & Goddesses
Advanced Spiritual Counseling
Level VI: Priesthood
Celtic Druidry
Reincarnation Seminar
(additional classes being added)

Please contact us for any questions that you may have on any of our programs.