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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Admissions: we accept all students who do not have a negative payment history with us. Contact us for admissions into any class.

Payments: must be made first in order to receive classes. There is no credit. Payment arrangements can be made at the approval of the dean in advance. If payment arrangement is defaulted; the entire balance will be due immediately.

Payment Methods: Checks or Money Orders only. Any returned check will incur a $30.00 NSF fee. Any non-payment of services, classes and NSF fees rendered will go to collections. 

Refunds: there are no refunds, except in case of emergency such as illness, death of family member, etc. All refunds must be cleared by the dean prior to refunds/credits being issued.

Ordainment: we do not offer ordainment but do have information so that one can become legally ordained. Certain guidelines apply.

Succession of classes: many classes need to be taken in order. To skip around you must have the express permission of the dean or department head. Certain restrictions apply.

Bonuses: for any student who refers two friends who pay for class and attend will get one free 6 week class.


What does it cost to become a student: All classes are set up into weekly sessions and the class fees are $15.00 a week for one on one instruction and $10.00 a week for all other types of education. Payment plans are available.

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