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How the classes work is sometimes confusing to potential students. So we want to make it perfectly clear that you know what you are going to be signing up for.

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There are three types of classes available:
Internet (email)
Distance Education (postal mail)
Classroom (personalized instruction)
We list our classes in a number of weeks. This is the duration of the class. So the cost for the class is by the week; which is normally $15.00 per week of the class for internet and mail classes only. Personalized classroom setting is $15.00 per week for the duration of the class. Payment plans are available provided they are arranged prior to the class starting.
For internet classes: everything for the class is emailed to the student with contact information for the instructor. Classes are sent 2 times during the week to the student for the number of weeks that the class runs.
For Distance Education classes: the first 6 weeks of material is sent out to the student via mail. There is contact information included for the instructors. The remainder of class (es) is sent out in 6 week blocks.
For Classroom: we invite our students into a relaxed setting with refreshments provided for each class. There is only one meeting per week for the class session. Usually on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. (this depends upon the instructor). At this point the students are invited to gatherings, rituals, and to participate in any activities that the instructor has going on. the only requirements for classroom are that the student attend the class. All other occurrances are purely voluntary.
We apologize but this is only available for Classroom instruction due to travel restrictions.


We have moved from California.
The Wicca University is now located in Maryland