Wicca University
Course Descriptions
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If you have any suggestions for classes;
please contact us to let us know what you'd
like to see us teach. 

13 Week Classes:
Introduction-Beginning Wicca: learn the basics of becoming a proficient witch. Learn about the elements, astrology, spells, karma and more.

Gods & Goddesses I, II, III: find out about the Gods and Goddesses one step at a time. Their likes, dislikes, history and more.

Spellcasting I, II: learn to cast productively and correctly to get the best results psooible.
Adv. Spellcasting: learn the tricks tot he trade and how to perform more in depth and advanced spells.
Wiccan Holidays: Learn about the Sabbats & Esbats-their history and related rituals.
10 Week Classes:
Divination: learn to divine the future correctly and accurately.

Tarot: Learn to tell the future and answer questions correctly and accurately via tarot.

Magical Herbalism: Learn about the magical properties of herbs, become familiar with planting your own magical garden and additional properties of the plants.

Ritual Writing: Learn to write the perfectly powerful ritual-no matter what the issue or cause is.

Magical Gardening: Learn how to properly take care of your magical garden, what goes where, when to plant and more.
Celtic Druidry: Learn the magic of the Druids. Their customs, beleifs, spells, rituals and more.
Greek Gods & Goddesses Pantheon II, III: Learn about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Their correspondences, their likes, dislikes, history and more.
Roman Gods & Goddesses Pantheon II, III: Same as above
Celtic Gods & Goddesses Pantheon II, III: Same as above
8 Week Classes:
Animal Totems: What can animals do for us-what do they represent? These are just two of the many questions that will be answered in this class.

Spells & Jinxes: Learn some great spells in this class. Practice makes perfect.

Energy Use and Development: Using energy properly can be difficult. Learn how to use energy for healing, divination, self help and more.

Psychic Development: Everyone has the ability to be psychic. Learn how to develop it and use it.
Wicca for Children: Introduce your children into the world of wicca. They will learn the very, very basics and parental consent is required. For ages 8-13.
6 Week Classes:
Voodoo: Master the art of Voodoo in its greatest form. Achieve magnificent results from these spirits.
Santeria: Hispanic Witchcraft-very powerful. Learn how to master this powerful way of life.
Shamanism (coming soon): Learn the secrets of the Native Americans.
Reincarnation: Learn about reincarnation and what it means.

Celtic Principles: Master the beleifs of the Celtic Structure.
Greek Gods & Goddesses Pantheon I: this is the beginning class on the Greeks. You will learn about their beleifs, structure, magic, and properties.

Roman Gods & Goddesses Pantheon I: same as above
More to come soon-

We are accepting applictions for the fall. All students welcome.