Wicca University
Important Registration Information

Requirements for Registration:

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We accept all students and inquiries that are not listed on the site already.
However, we have been forced to set specific guidelines for registering students. Please understand that this is not something we wanted to do but were forced to do by a few bad apples...
If registering for a class please register only if you can start the class within 2 weeks of contacting us.  If you can not start within 2 weeks let us know and give a specific date that you can begin. We do not prefer inquiries from those who are looking to possibly start 6 months or more from the date of the inquiry. So please contact us only if you are ready to start classes.
If registering for a class and you have been in contact with an admissions or school representative you will be required to submit payment within 7 days to hold your spot in class otherwise you will not be registered.
If we hold your spot in class and do not hear from you we will remove your name from our student database.
All students/prospective students requesting enrollment or other related information are required to fill in all fields on the form. If sending email: you will be required to provide name, phone number, mailing address, and your questions. This way we have every means of contacting you. If these fields are not included this information will be requested from you.
We want to accept all, but we only accept serious students.
If a student states that they want to enroll and are sending payment we will hold the spot for them. If payment is not received they will have one opportunity to submit. After that there will be a $30.00 cancellation fee due within 7 days. If not received within 7 days the student will not be able to attend classes.
We hate to do this but we have a school to run for those seriously interested and cannot entertain those who are not.

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