Wicca University
New Classes Coming

We always attempt at diversity for our students' education. We not only will be offering Wicca classes, but a much wider variety of classes from other magical path and self improvement classes.
Check back frequently to see our new classes being added.

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We are looking for feedback on what you would like to see us offer...

All classes are $15 per lesson. The total cost is broken down for you. CD-Rom and E-mail classes must be paid in full to receive class materials. In-house training is payable as you go.

New classes starting for 2006:

July 2006:

Beginning Wicca (13 lessons) $195

Candle Magick (8 lessons) $120

Ghost hunting and Spirit Recognition (8 weeks) $120

August 2006:

Beginning Wicca (8 weeks) $195

Prosperity and Money (8 weeks) $120

Blessings and Protections (8 weeks) $120

September 2006:

Beginning Wicca (13 weeks) $195

Gods and Goddesses I (6 lessons) $90.00

Candle Magic 2 (8 weeks) $120.00

October 2006-January 2007

No in person classes will be available this is our semester break.

However distance education classes will remain available.  If you do not see a class listed above that you would like to take please let us know and we can offer the class to you at any time.  All classes are $15 per weekly lesson.


Payment arrangements for all classes are available upon request.

If you are interested in different classes being offered; please contact us with your suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.