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Grove of the Triple Goddess

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Membership Information & Guidelines

With many people from all backgrounds coming together as one unit, there tend to be an instance of derailment from time to time.
Not everyone has the same values and while we are not forcing anyone to change their values, or particularly enjoy that one person, we must maintain a harmonious environment for all in affiliation.
In order to maintain this presence we have instilled basic membership requirements or rather rules that we ALL must follow. Below is just a short compilation of these rules.
Those who do not adhere run risk of ruining the time for others and will undergo a reevaluation of their participation.


Upon starting classes or attending our events each person will be reminded of courtesy, etiquette, and the rules for participation.


Membership Guidelines

  • No racial or hateful individuals may enter at any time
  • No cruelty is tolerated
  • No negativity will be tolerated as it spills onto others and derails the intention of the event
  • We are not a place to hook-up or simply hang out. While we encourage relationships of all kinds, do not come just to "find" someone to be with, but search for a place to network toward this purpose. If you want to do that sort of thing outside of classes or events, there is no concern with that - just not while in study or worship.
  • No lying, cheating, stealing, bad-mouthing, or casting upon others for ANY reason.
  • Respect the opinions and level of understanding for others present. Nobody is stupid, dumb, or dull.
  • Be in the mood to learn or participate - if you aren't then don't waste our time


Guidelines Continued

  • No texting, emailing, or chatting during classes or events
  • Do not use us as an alibi for any extra-marital affairs or occurrences. If you say you are with us and are not we won't lie for you.
  • Do not bring a holier-than-thou attitude - nobody's perfect
  • No "bashing" of other religions (it is fine to discuss their views and how you agree/disagree with them-just do not bash them)
  • We do not tolerate attitude problems (if you have one do not come)  
  • You are responsible for any guests that may come to any function, so make sure they are respectful of our practice.
  • If you commit to attend or participate in an event do your best to make it (unless a last minute emergency occurs)