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Grove of the Triple Goddess

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We offer education opportunities for those interested in starting out or continuing their education with us.

Family opportunities

The objective of our group is to provide those with a legitimate interest a quality experience and reliable education.
In being a community and family friendly group, we realize that making practice of faith is an important part of many lives, therefore we have decided to offer educational opportunities for not only Mom and Dad but for the entire family on a per-request basis.
We offer education for the following:
  • Children: ages 6-12
  • Teens: ages 13-17

For the above educational opportunities, we require written permission be provided for each individual who is under the age of 18 years. For classes and events, a parent or designated guardian must be present during the duration of lesson, class, or event for children under 16. This is a non-negotiable requirement as we want you the parent or guardian to have first hand knowledge of what your child is being taught.

Important Notes

We cannot stress enough the importance of the requirement for those who are under the age of 18. We require parental consent for education and events should they be rituals where we allow children. Parents are required to attend classes and/or events for children under 16 years of age.

We are affiliated with the Wicca University and offer many different educational plans set to your goals and desires. You can request education through us directly or go the the Wicca University website at or even by emailing us at

Teen and Young Adult Opportunities
  • Young Adults: ages 18-21
  • Adults: ages 21 and up

For these age groups regardless of experience or background, we require that all beginning and basic courses be taken prior to the more advanced courses and in the order prescribed in an effort to offer a solid foundation that one may build from successfully.

All education is divided as such in order to offer the most information within the comprehension level of the student. While some are more advanced than others; we give all the opportunity to thrive and grow as they see fit.

If a student feels that they are already versed in the information provided by a class they may test out of that class by making a request to their instructor. Upon successfully passing the test, they will be eligible to bypass that particular class.