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We are pleased to announce the following classes starting for the 2012 season.  All classes are available via CD-Rom, in-person training as well as e-mail.  We are taking reservations for in-person training now.
Reserve your spot now-space is limited...

Visit our Class Registration page to register for classes today. 
Beginning Wicca 13 Lessons
Pagan Holidays 13 Lessons
Basic Gods and Goddesses I - 6 Lessons
Egyptian Deities I - 6 Lessons
Spellcasting I - 6 Lessons
For a more detailed listing of classes being offered please visit our school site at:
All classes are accelerated classes covering 2 lessons per meeting date. All classes are $10 per lesson per class. Multiply the number of lessons ammount per lesson and that is the total for the class.
For in person training a student may pay as they go. For e-mail and CD-Rom complete payment is due before materials are sent and the cost is $15 per lesson.

Rhi - 443-822-3905
Only serious inquiries please...