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Grove of the Triple Goddess

About the Grove

About the Grove
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We pride ourselves on the diversity of our membership and points of view. 
The Grove of the Triple Goddess is an open coven accepting all who wish to participate and become acquianted with other like-minded individuals.
We offer membership to all at varied membership statuses.
We are a non-profit organization donating proceeds from membership dues, and volunteering time to help those in need.
We also organize fundraisers for those in need and strive to shed a positive light upon the pagan, wiccan and magickal communities through honesty, integrity, and love for our fellow man.

 Memberships and Getting Involved:

  • various memberships that fit any schedule
  • open rituals
  • closed rituals
  • volunteer services through community outreach programs
  • spiritual services - with our on hand ordained priesthood and spiritual counselor
  • community education
  • holiday and seasonal activities

We offer all of these and more to those interested. For more information please contact us at