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Class Payment Schedule


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Each class is $15.00 per session. Each session equals out to two hours of class time. The number of sessions is the number of weeks a class is.

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We have several types of plans available for class payment: for seminars and classes 6 weeks and under the full amount is due prior to you receiving your first class.

For classes 8-13 weeks long you must pay at least 1/2 of the total due to receive your first class then halfway through you will be required to submit the remainder. Failure to submit second payment will result in loss of classes.

Payment methods at this time are: check and money order only. They should be made out to our accountant

Erik Huprich   (in memo line write Wicca U and the class name) they should be mailed to our billing address:

Wicca University: Attn: Erik Huprich

615 W. 10th Street, Long Beach Ca 90813

your cancelled check or money order ticket will be your receipt unless otherwise specified. 

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